EECS 280 Lobster EECS 280Spring 2024 Looking for Winter 2024 or Fall 2024? Programming and Introductory Data Structures

Computer science fundamentals, with programming in C++. Build an image processing program, a game of Euchre, a text editor, and a machine learning algorithm.


We're glad you're interested in EECS 280 and hope to see you next term!

Spring Term Lecture Policy

Both lectures will meet in the same location (TBD on North Campus).
Participation in-person at lectures is optionally worth 3% of your overall grade. We'll compute it both ways and take the higher. You can max out this credit even if you miss a few lectures.

Sections 001, 002
Saquib Razak Saquib Razak
TBD on North Campus
James Juett and Saquib Razak
Live, in-person lecture. Participation credit is available.
Recordings of live lectures are posted online in case you miss one or want to review.
Our Course Notes serve as a textbook and companion to lecture.
Asynchronous lectures cover similar material to regular lecture.
(Note: in spring term, async lectures are not kept up-to-date and are not eligible for participation credit.)

Lab Attendance (Required)

Labs are in-person exercises completed in small groups. Course staff facilitate lab sessions and are available for questions. Lab attendance is required for credit.

Please try to register for a section you can attend. We'll circulate a survey near the start of the Fall term where you can report any unresolvable scheduling conflicts.


ENGR 101 or ENGR 151 or EECS 180 or EECS 183 or ROB 102 with a minimum grade of "C". Prerequisites may be waived with transfer credit or a proficiency exam. Contact the CSE Advising Office in Beyster 2808 or at


We'll post a full course schedule closer to the start of the Spring term.